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Ji'nan Tian Ju Lifting Machinery Co., ltd.Is located in the hinterland of Jibei Development Zone in Ji'nan city of the hydraulic lifting platform lifts, township of Shandong province. South by the towering Taishan, north across the Millennium mother river - the Yellow River. Is Chinese Engineering Machinery Industry Association member units, the company was founded in 1990, after years of research and development after the restructuring renamed "Tianju" meaning (together with the world of sincerity, innovation in the world of fine). The company currently has the largest tonnage of SJG fixed lifting platform production license (100 tons) production license and SJY mobile platform the largest tonnage (5 tons), SJD fixed rail chain type lifting platform production license (30 tons)...

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Product quality assurance

Certification of quality system for special equipment production license

DayGathers lifting machinery has awarded the country elevator "special equipment production license", "installation of special equipment maintenance permit", and through the "ISO9001 quality system certification" entity factory, is a professional R & D and production equipment, hydraulic lifting platform, hydraulic elevator, car elevator, ramps, aerial work platforms, Aluminum Alloy lift cylinder lift, scissor lift hydraulic machinery and other professional equipment manufacturers, and with advanced technology, customer service, sales service team

Guarantee of enterprise reputation

"Contract, keep promise" enterprises, "consumer satisfaction" units

The supremacy of credibility as China companies access to the world, is the market economy and the lifeblood of the blood vessels, the "credibility" on behalf of my company's market reputation, has been recognized by customers, Ji'nan Longhao Hydraulic Machinery Co. Ltd. has been Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded the "contract and trustworthy enterprise", "consumer satisfaction" unit, Shandong province is the construction machinery industry in the "integrity enterprise" unit, Chinese lifting platform township "recommended brand"!

High price guarantee

Optimize the production and processing structure, provide a higher cost performance platform

Tian poly lifting machinery is the "vanguard" unit of Shandong hydraulic elevator manufacturing base. Over the years, the research and development of our company has always been committed to the hydraulic lifting platform, continuous improvement and innovation of enterprise products, can also provide customers with efficient, safe and comprehensive program of aerial lift cargo. Optimize the production and processing structure, reduce production management costs, strictly grasp the product quality system, integrate equipment type, and provide customers with higher cost performance platform equipment!

Product technology assurance

Absorb advanced technology supporting advanced production equipment flow

Day poly lifting, mechanical digestion and absorption of advanced hydraulic lift technology, investment funds to develop new products, product technology at home and abroad with industry-leading level. Sophisticated production equipment, advanced technology, complete testing means, strong technical force; product haseight series, more than 60 varieties of lift platform, board the bridge, and to undertake the design and production of various non-standard products, imported parts, complete specifications, quality assurance, has been a perfect technical R&D team!

After-sales service guarantee

Perfect after-sales service system, professional after-sales service team

Day poly lifting machinery established, covering all provinces and municipalities nationwide, autonomous regions of the efficient after-sales service team system. And cllimbing products in 24 hours tracking service to customers to buy our lifts; 2 hours someone replies; 24 hours all-weather service, maintenance, timely; 7 x 24 hour telephone customer service service: 0531-84253789, the company has technical service stations and parts supply center, with full-time service engineers and skilled technicians, to provide the quality of customer service and convenient service for you; for the customer free lifting platform product use, maintenance, maintenance training.

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